The Sweetspot journey

A simple lean model helps us guide you towards the sweetspot of your software business

We ask the right questions so we can fill in the blanks together


We strongly believe that your business model is your product. When making important decisions in product, sales, marketing or operations, you should reflect it’s impact on your business model.

For instance, when designing new products, hosting costs could impact margins on your target recurring revenue model. Not feeding back win/loss analysis during the sales process could lead to sub-optimal solutions for buyers.

We understand product, go-to-market and operations. We are cross-functional experts that have a deep understanding how a software business runs. We help you connect the dots, when making those decisions.  We collaborate across silo’s to create buy-in and reach optimal results.

Our Sweetspot experts do not take the typical in-and-out approach. We make ourselves truly part of the team, immersing ourselves in your business and team for the duration. 

We work with you every step of the way, from ideation to launch. This ensures that you are happy with every decision and that the final product meets your expectations.

We approach a typical project through a combination of intake interviews, followed by a number of joint workshops to come to the best results. Involvement creates buy-in.



We follow our our own methodology and best practices. The way we approach a typical project is through a combination of intake interviews, followed by a number of joint workshops to come to the best results.

Our approach is to focus first on your goals and making sure you have the right business model. From there, we can help shape your unique value proposition into a workable software-centric solution, and craft a message that resonates with your ideal customer profile.

We can assist you in bringing your product and message successfully to the market. And shape your organization & processes to get you there.

At Sweetspot, our experts do not take the typical in-and-out consulting approach. We aim to be a long-term strategic partner, that can you help with different challenges as the business evolves.

We typically work in different tracks and phases, each with it’s deliverables. We discuss upfront what results you want to achieve. And we provide you with a set of clear deliverables along the way. A phased approach also allows us to quickly adapt to changing business circumstances.

We fill temporary roles where needed, and train and coach your staff so they become self sufficient.

results driven

digital first

We use digital productivity tools and work 100% digitally in a shared environment with you. This makes it easy to collaborate and stay on track, even if your team is remote.

Each Sweetspot customer gets a digital workspace. We use this space  to create or deliverables along the way. This could includes personas, business model, financial plan, MVP definition, roadmap, unique value proposition, and more.

At the end of a track, we deliver a dynamic digital report that includes the deliverables for that track. When the deliverables evolve, your report evolves as well. This way you have both a snapshot deliverable at each track as well as a living digital document. After all, a business doesn’t stand still.