The sweetspot journey

A simple model to guide you towards the sweetspot of your software business

Our sweetspot is to help discover, shape & grow your software business, while thinking outside the product, market and operations box. We strongly believe that your business model is the product. Together, we connect the dots.


Companies are in different stages of their evolution. That’s why Sweetspot has built a model that helps guide companies from where they are to where they need to be. We approach each journey with a discovery, shape and grow stage. While there is a certain overlap and natural flow between these stages,  each stage has it’s distinct objectives.


The discovery stage focuses on the problem-solution fit.

At the start of your journey, it is key to understand the problem you are trying to solve, the market and customers you want to serve, and how you envision doing it.

We help to research the market and competitive situation, define the MVP solution and value proposition, and jointly design a viable business model.

In this stage we guide you in making things more concrete, with a focus on the solution-customer fit. We help you define & find your ideal customer profile, zooming in on buyer & user personas. We identify their needs, pains and possible gains. 

From there we assess your solution readiness to address these needs. We can help create a solution concept, vision and strategic roadmap. We can also advise on your solution architecture, partner selection and a minimum viable product.

We assess the market readiness of your solution and define and help you to create a go-to-market strategy and execution plan. We craft a compelling value proposition and clear positioning.



We can help you successfully grow your business, with our grow stage. The focus shifts to the solution-market-fit. Sweetspot can help you scale your product, go-to-market, and operations to support your ambitions.

We can help you scale the development of solutions, by introducing scaled agile processes or adding off- and near shore reams. We can help you design recurring revenue models, coach how to sell your solutions or help to set up a partner program. We can help you scale globally, crafting 24/7 support  model or managed services models.

What’s on the special menu ?

For start-ups


  • Affordable fractional C-level  advise
  • Know-how of VLAIO and EU-level grants
  • Solution concepts & architecture
  • Go-to-market strategy & launch
  • Certified service provider SME e-wallet

For scale-ups


  • Affordable fractional C-level  advise
  • Scale agile & off/nearshore setup
  • Adding recurring revenue models
  • Setup partner eco systems
  • Certified service provider SME e-wallet

For grown-ups


  • Modernizing legacy software
  • Moving from hardware to solutions
  • Solution marketing & sales coaching
  • Adding recurring revenue models
  • Expanding with 24×7 managed services