We are not vertical specialists in one single domain, but a multi-skilled team that can help you across product, technology, go-to-market, sales and operations.

We are here to help you with your challenges across different functional domains and different growth stages.

Are you at the point where you consider hiring, taking on a freelancer, or engaging various consultants for different parts of your business ?

Rather than create unnecessary overhead costs, with Sweetspot you pay only for the fractional services you need, when you need them. Pay for results rather than time spent.

cost effective

walked the talk

Our approach is not just theoretical. We have successfully brought products to market, started and scaled corporate ventures and businesses.

We have stood in your shoes and speak from our own experiences of 25+ years.


We want you to be successful which means we indirectly have a stake in the game. But bringing an outside-in view without bias often gives a different perspective on things.

Looking at the problems to solve, the market, your solution or business with a fresh set of eyes is often helpful to either validate or finetune your ideas.

outside view

simplify complexity

Running a software business is hard, moving from a hardware-centric business to a software-centric solutions driven business is even harder.

Based on best practices, Sweetspot has built its own model to guide B2B companies in their journey. We simplify this journey in 3 digestible stages: discover, shape & grow, moving from problem framing to a solution that scales.