Sweetspot launches !

Our sweet launch

Hi there!
Some exciting news : the three of us have teamed up to launch a new venture, Sweetspot, to share our experience !
We thought hard how we could turn our software business experience, know-how, strengths & passion into a new company. And how we can leverage this to help companies discover, shape & grow their software solutions and business ! This is why we founded “Sweetspot” : to help companies find their sweet spot … and have fun while doing it.

We take a unique approach though. We strongly believe your business model is the product. We want to jointly help our customers build & market solutions, while taking into account how to sell them & operate the business.

With a broad senior experience in management, product development, product management, marketing, sales and operations, we are well positioned to bring this cross-functional outside-in view. We modeled our specific approach in our “Sweetspot journey”, guiding customers how to do it without costly trial-and error.

With our combined experience and passion, we’re geared up to help you build, market & sell innovative software solutions. Stay tuned for some game-changing collaborations and fresh perspectives in the consultancy world.

Interested ? Find out more at www.sweetspot-experts.com or follow us here on LinkedIn to stay updated.

Ready to collaborate? Contact us to jointly work on your Sweetspot journey.

Koen, Dimitri, and Ronny


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